My Hot Wife Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lynn and I have been married for 15 years at the time this event occurred in our life. Lynn is 36, 5’8″ 130 pounds and has a very nice 36C chest. Her blond hair and her disarming smile drive men nuts. Lynn works at a big box store on the 4-12an shift. Lately, when she comes home, she has been fucking the hell out of me. I finally asked her, who is he? She lowered her head and said there is a new guy at the store who is married, and has been flirting with her. Lynn said his name is Rob and that she has never done anything with him, but he drives her nuts. This unexpectedly made my dick rock hard. Lynn noticed this and asked if the thought of him fucking her turned me on. Strangely it did. That night I asked to pretend I was Rob. Lynn fucked and sucked me so good that night, I didn’t want it too end. I told Lynn she could fuck Rob, if I could fuck her after she was done and that she had to give me all the details. She agreed.

The next we launched a plan for Lynn to fuck Rob. We removed the middle seat from our van. Then Lynn would wear her white string bikini under her work cloths. On her break she would call me and let me know if she was going to fuck him tonight.

Lynn cornered Rob in the warehouse of the store. She rubbed his dick and asked him if he was horny. Rob smiled and grabbed Lynn’s tits. They agreed to meet in the parking lot in our van. Lynn got off of work a few minutes before Rob did. She immediately stripped down to her bikini. She called me and said she was rubbing her pussy as she was waiting for him. My dick was now rock hard. I was jealous and excited at the same time. I told her to fuck the hell out of him. She said she loved me and hung up. When Rob got in the van he went nuts. He had Lynn to move the van to a secluded area of the parking lot. Then they both got in the back seat. Lynn stripped Rob of his cloths. Rob had a nice 6 inch cock that was nice and thick. They began to kiss each other in wild abandon. Rob was massaging Lynn’s sweet ass with one hand and pulling on her nipple with his other. My baby has a hand on his rock hard dick and one on his ass as they kissed.

Rob pushed Lynn to her knee’s and she knew what to do. Lynn is a great dick sucker. She went slow at first. She nibbled on his nipples as she massaged his balls. And then she took his dick further down her throat. She repeated this numerous times until he was moaning aloud. Lynn was also slowly slipping her index finger into his ass. When Rob was about to cum, she rammed it all the way in. Rob shot a massive load into Lynn’s wanting mouth. Lynn then went up to Rob and began to kiss him with cum dripping from the sides of her lips. Rob didn’t miss a beat. He kissed her deeply and began to finger fuck the shit out of Lynn. He asked her if her husband knew about this. She said yes and he let Lynn know that his wife who works the midnight shift, knows that he is out here with her. Rob and his wife are swingers with a open marriage.

This only energized them both even more. Lynn wanted some dick and she wanted it now. Rob recovered very quickly. Lynn climbed on Rob’s cock facing him as he sat on the bench seat of the van. He slipped his rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy easily. Rob slowed Lynn’s pace down and they fucked and kissed at the same time. Rob was pulling on Lynn’s nipples driving her insane. Lynn was moaning begging him too fuck her harder. Slowly, Rob picked up the pace and soon he was slamming his cock into her tight wet pussy. Lynn was dripping wet now and couldn’t get enough. She was riding him like a sex starved slut. Lynn climbed off of Rob’s cock for a minute, took it into her mouth and then climbed back on his cock. This was too much for him. He shot his second load of the night. Filling my wife’s pussy up with a massive amount of cum. They held on too each other as they both came off of a sexual high. Lynn sucked Rob’s cock one last time before he went home. Lynn drove home naked.

When Lynn walked into the house she was naked and smiling from ear to ear. She kissed me. Told me she loved me and them took me too bed. We fucked for about an hour. I was so turned, I couldn’t believe it. A few weeks later Rob and I fucked my wife together. But that’s another story.


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