My Hot Wife Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The next morning I heard the shower running. I got up and joined my wife in the warm water. Lynn looked at me with a question in her eyes. I said baby, you were so hot last night. Lynn said felt both guilty and slutty at the same time. I kissed her and pressed my body up against hers. I told her she could fuck Rob again if I was there and could join them. Lynn responded by grinding her pussy into my dick.

We immediately went got in bed and I fucked the hell out of her. Lynn sent Rob a text and asked him when he could come over. Rob agreed to come over tomorrow, since it was the only day that Lynn and him had off together.

When I got home from work, I found Lynn wearing that skimpy white bikini that she fucked Rob in the first time. How naughty I thought. Her hair was maid up and she smelled great. I kissed her and told her not too hold back. Be as slutty as you want sweetie. Lynn said, Mike, I love you. The strange dick the other night felt wonderful, but please remember, it’s just sex. I said, I know baby.

Rob arrived a short time later. He was a good looking man. He was built like me. I greeted him with a handshake. Rob thanked me for sharing my wife with him and informed me that him and his wife have a open marriage. And that she is available to play alone if I’d be interested at a later date.

I thanked him and then led him into the Living room where Lynn was waiting. Lynn stood up and kissed Rob like she was possessed. Her hands grabbed at his crotch. She couldn’t wait to get him naked. Lynn removed all of Rob’s cloths and then had him sit on the couch next to me. Next Lynn removed her white bikini and sat on Rob’s lap. Get undressed Mike, and hurry she demanded. Lynn asked me how it felt to see her naked with another man. It’s sexy baby,is all I could say. Watch this honey, if you want too see sexy. She got on her knee’s and took Rob’s now rock hard Six inch dick into her mouth. Soon his head was back against the back of the couch and he was moaning in pleasure. I stepped behind Lynn and began to lick her super wet pussy. She moved her hips in rhythm to my licks as she continued to torture Rob with her great cock sucking ability. Suddenly, Lynn stood up and said were going to the bedroom where you two are going to fuck my brains out.

Lynn grabbed Rob’s cock and led the way. Once on the bed, Lynn laid back, looked at me and said, watch Rob fuck me.

Rob didn’t need no instructions. He placed his hard dick between Lynn’s legs and she opened up for him. He started slowly, but picked up the pace as she matched him stroke per stroke. Lynn had her arms wrapped around his neck and was screaming, fuck me fuck me fuck me Rob. My dick was as hard now as it ever was in my life. This was hot. Lynn looked over at me and told me to put my dick in her mouth.

She tried to suck me as Rob pounded away at her pussy.

Rob decided to change positions to give Lynn better access to my dick. Lynn got on all fours and he fucked her from behind while she sucked my ever so hard dick. Rob announced that he was going to cum. This also set me off.

We shot our loads into Lynn at nearly the same moment. She cried out in pleasure. Rob and I laid on our backs while my slutty wife alternated cleaning our dicks off with her hot mouth. While we were taking a break, Rob called his wife to tell her the sex was great. He also showed me a picture of his wife Carrie. She was hot. He now asked us if he could send her a picture of us from the neck down. We agreed. He sent a one word message with the picture: Interested? Carrie immediately responded back: Yes, when?

Rob told Lynn and I that his wife was Bi-sexual and that she thought Lynn was hot. Lynn said that this could be fun. My wife with another women- now that would be hot. Both of our dicks got hard when we heard this. We took Lynn back into the bedroom where we did a double penetration on her. Rob was in her pussy and I slowly inserted my dick into her ass. Rob and I got into a nice rhythm with Lynn. She was in cock heaven. After about 15 minutes we both exploded inside Lynn. She was exhausted. Rob left with a kiss on Lynn’s lips and a handshake from me. He told me his wife would soon be calling me, he was sure of it.

Stay tuned for part 3. It’s juicy.


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